Belly Dance and Folkloric Dance Photos & Images

Camel Dancer

My dance name is "Zafira" which is Arabic, and is the female diminutive of the male name "Zafar".


You can see my videos here.

Zafira and camel

YES ! It is a real camel

Zafira's Diamonds

Zafira's Diamonds in the Rough, debut at Pho 79, Oct 19, 2007; I am on the far left in the lavendar choli


Zafira performing a Zambra Mora at her recital held for her students on July 26, 2008

photo by Geoff Bennett-Speer

Zafira dancing

Zafira dancing at The Windsor, a local nursing home

Whirling Dervishes

The Whirling Dervishes at The Citadel, Cairo, Egypt, June 2003

Zafira's Raks Assaya

June 19, 2007 Students' Recital, Humphrey Calder Community Center

Gulf Arab Sword Photo

"Ardha" the national dance of Saudi Arabia! They also use a sword.

Zafira's Sword Photo 2

Bon Secours Day of Dance, Richmond, VA, February 2005

Sword at Dena's 2

Dena's Restaurant, Richmond, VA, August 2005

Cedarfield Dance

Cedarfield Healthcare, Richmond, VA, November 2006